Choices abound when it comes to picking a property newspaper in Melbourne. However, there are many reasons our service is superior to all the others.

Your business is guaranteed value for money when you decide Melbourne Property Weekly is the publication for your premium real estate listings. The weekly fee fades in comparison to the potential growth in sales and maximisation of your ROI.

Our high-quality property newspaper boasts a distribution of 40,000 copies per month to individual households and distributes at main railway station exits, effectively making our high-quality property newspaper the biggest real estate publication in Melbourne. Yearly, we reach over half a million customers to ensure exceptional exposure of your properties.

In addition, our comprehensive market research stays up to date with the latest trends and current demand so we guarantee your real estate listings will end up in the hands of decision makers.

In-depth market research has shown the untapped potential of the printed media and Melbourne Property Weekly is developing its distribution campaigns in line with these staggering results.

It has been proven that a letterbox campaign reaches 63% online shoppers, 62% big spenders, 57% young families, 55% smartphone users and 48% young singles. It was also found that repeated exposure is necessary, with three letterbox drops essential for best results.  Content and frequency play an equally important role so successful branding and sales depend on multiple marketing campaigns.