What We Do

The professional team at Melbourne Property Weekly takes the hard work out of listing your real estate properties. Researching current market trends ensures an in-depth understanding of the economic climate and the unique circumstances your target audience finds itself in.

Unlike other property newspapers which are left at fixed distribution points with no way of telling how effective and successful this approach is, Melbourne Property Weekly distributes at main railway station exits and also reaches the physical mailbox of thousands of potential buyers every single week. Our targeted approach gives you the peace of mind that you get value for money.

Comprehensive research by Roy Morgan has shown time and time again that letterbox media remains the most effective form of print media, read by almost 11 million people across Australia every week. To illustrate this important point, a whopping 70% of received advertising material is actually read, kept or passed on.

This means there’s an unparalleled opportunity for business owners to take advantage of an uncluttered channel to ensure the message gets across, loud and clear. For a low weekly fee, your business can place your premium real estate listings in the hands of your target audience.

Our competitive rates are second to none so why not get in touch with us today to see how we can take your business to the next level?